About Us

TARO AOX, Inc. is COMCO MUNDO’s specialist Digital and Integrated Communications Agency.

TARO AOX, Inc. leverages meaningful storytelling and omni channel maximization through its roster of integrated communication professionals who are ready to cut through the noise with keen, quick-witted, impactful and targeted content. We blend data-driven, strategic thinking with creative personalized campaigns and technical excellence to connect with your audience and ignite conversations and growth for your business.

Our key services include Integrated Communications, Digital PR, Social Media, Content and Community Management, Content Marketing, Digital Activation, Influencer Marketing, Digital Production, Media Planning and Buying, Paid Media Management, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Website Development and Management.

We are driven by our desire to help your brand create a positive impact – with audiences, with stakeholders and with communities.

TARO AOX, Inc. is a COMCO Mundo Company, find out more at www.comcomundo.com.


Ferdinand L. Bondoy CDM, MCIPR
Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel/Partner and Co-Founder

Rachel Syfargo, CDM
Communications Support Services Director / Partner

Peachy Taculod
Senior Strategist for Digital, Social and Content

Emmanuel Tomagos Jr.
Deputy Account Operations Director and Business Unit Administrator for Digital, Social and Content

Epifannie Jelly Mae Gonzales
Deputy Account Operations Director and Business Unit Administrator for Integrated Communications

April Joy Cadavedo
Deputy Communications Support Services Director

Janela Mauryn Bufi
Associate Account Operations Manager and Business Unit Administrator Pro Tempore for Integrated Communications

Mark Joseph Fernandez
Digital and Integrated Communications Officer

Hiacynth Ablanez
Senior Digital and Integrated Communications Associate

Dianne Camile Curray
Integrated Communications Associate

Jaderick Buhay
Communications Support Services Associate

Joana Marie De Guzman
Communications Support Services Associate

Erica Chloe Mañalac
Integrated Communications Associate