Many people use their mobile phones to capture the important moments in life – be it travel adventures, family gatherings or even a night out with friends. It’s for sure that for these moments, you need an equally impressive phone with camera features to record these epic memories – such as those that come with Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 Series. 

Launched at the Epic House party held at The Fifth Rockwell, the Galaxy S23 Series comes with some truly stunning innovations when it comes to photography and videography. Just ask the fashion photography king himself BJ Pascual, who took guests on a tour of the Epic Nightography room, which featured the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s incredible camera features such as the enhanced Nightography mode and the 200-megapixel camera. 

“When I heard about the new phone, actually di ko rin alam how they were going to top the last one, but they did, and they always do, so I don’t know how they packed everything into such a slim phone,” BJ commented. 

BJ was particularly impressed with the S23 Ultra’s 200-megapixel camera. “As photographers, we love data, and that’s a lot of data, and it has more megapixels than my work camera. It’s so crazy! I’m actually excited to try it at an actual photoshoot,” he said. 

The Galaxy S23 series also features an enhanced Nightography setting that allows you to take pictures in any condition of light, be it at a neon-lit nightclub or at a camping trip under the stars. 

“That’s another area the camera improves so much. The HDR of the Night Photography is insane, and I think, this is their best yet. It would be helpful especially for those people who like to go out at night and not a lot of places have good lighting, so the HDR really helps with tricky lighting situations, so everything looks great,” shared BJ.

For those who are not familiar with HDR, it is a basic camera feature that balances the brightness of a photo so it does not appear too dark or too light that its details get lost. With the enhanced Nightography feature in the Galaxy S23 series, photos appear vivid and crisp, even at night. 

The Galaxy S23 series also allows you to be a true photo master. Combined with the enhanced Nightography feature, the smartphone also has an Expert RAW app that allows you to control the light and the shadows within the photo you took. “When you shoot raw photos, you kind of have a lot of control over the [pictures]. It’s kind of like a film. When you take photos with film, there’s room for you to brighten it or darken it, as long as it’s exposed. The Expert RAW app kind of makes you the master of the HDR,” BJ explained. 

From the 200-megapixels, to the Nightography and Expert RAW app features, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series now makes taking epic photos easier than ever, anytime, and anywhere. 

BJ also shared some key tips to make your photos more epic than ever. If you’re doing an Outfit-of-the-Day photo look for you social media posts, BJ advises that “if you want to look taller, frame the photos with the face near the middle of the frame and the feet near the bottom of the frame, so you can get more space on top and then you crop it after. The distortion of the wide lens makes your legs look longer.” 

If you’re taking a selfie, BJ recommends that “the best selfie is actually finding your light, so whether it be like natural or artificial light, make sure the light is generally in front of you to diffuse everything so that less perfection can be seen.” He also advised to take your selfies in front of a window or a TV screen to diffuse the light and not have it directly on your face that it reveals the features of your face that you may want to hide. 

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